ABCs of Divorce

The ABCs of Divorce

This complimentary video provided by Vesta Divorce professionals provides an overview of the divorce process and covers key issues of concern during a divorce including legal, financial, real estate, custody and more.

Discover what you need to know to make smart, informed decisions about your future

Learn about the “team” approach to divorce, which can save you time, money, and stress

Obtain access to a complimentary no-strings Divorce Concierge Specialist to help you plan your next steps

To view this complimentary video, select your local Vesta Hub Community

Vesta is here to help you no matter where you are starting from.


At Vesta, we have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert guidance, professional counseling, and a community of support.

We offer many no-cost events, video-on-demand educational webinars, and concierge services. We have Hubs in cities and suburbs across the United States that are staffed with vetted local divorce professionals that provide a range of services needed during divorce, including emotional, legal, financial, real estate, wellness, and mortgage specialists.

In addition to expert one-on-one services, our professionals collaborate to provide a consolidated system of comprehensive, supportive care. Vesta’s integrated, efficient approach improves the experience and outcomes of the divorce process, and can effectively lower the associated costs.

Vesta clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation – they deeply appreciate our professionals’ expert guidance throughout the divorce process, and they highly value participation in our supportive Vesta community.


Complimentary events
and concierge services


Vetted and expert


community of support

What people are saying about the Vesta Community

Very impressive! An awesome group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and lived experience. All extremely caring, personable and helpful. What a valuable team and resource to assist with all aspects of the divorce process!

Newton, MA

I wish I had the support of Vesta as I was going through my divorce 5 years ago. When I first heard of this organization, I thought, ‘Why would I need a divorce support group if I am already divorced?’ Vesta has given me knowledge, comfort, listening ears, and wonderful new friends who get it.

Irvine, CA

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